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They became the primary cultural group in these areas, and their descendants were in the vanguard of westward movement through Virginia into Tennessee and Kentucky, and thence into Arkansas, Missouri and Texas.

By the 19th century, through intermarriage with settlers of English and German ancestry, the descendants of the Scots-Irish lost their identification with Ireland.

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Native tolerance, however, was also a very important factor in Irish integration [into Southern society]....

Upper-class southerners, therefore, did not object to the Irish, because Irish immigration never threatened to overwhelm their cities or states....

The two groups had little initial interaction in America, as the 18th-century Ulster immigrants were predominantly Protestant and had become settled largely in upland regions of the American interior, while the huge wave of 19th-century Catholic immigrant families settled primarily in the Northeast and Midwest port cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Buffalo, or Chicago.

However, beginning in the early 19th century, many Irish migrated individually to the interior for work on large-scale infrastructure projects such as canals and, later in the century, railroads.

England led Charleston's "Irish Volunteers" to defend the school.

Soon after this, however, all schools for "free blacks" were closed in Charleston, and England acquiesced.

"This generation of pioneers..a generation of Americans, not of Englishmen or Germans or Scots-Irish." In 1820 Irish-born John England became the first Catholic bishop in the mainly Protestant city of Charleston, South Carolina.

During the 1820s and '30s, Bishop England defended the Catholic minority against Protestant prejudices.

The descendants of Scots-Irish settlers had a great influence on the later culture of the Southern United States in particular and the culture of the United States in general through such contributions as American folk music, country and western music, and stock car racing, which became popular throughout the country in the late 20th century.

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