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28th, ITOO.f He was subsequently settled in Sheffield, Mass., where neighbors, arranges them at different convenient points Avithout the house, whilst he concludes at length to go down, and drive the intruder out. A SERMON, PREACHED AT THE OEDIN ATION OF THE REVEREND JONATHAN STB ON a, TO THE PASTORAL CARE OF THE T II III D C H U R C II IN B RAINTREE ; j ANUAr. Soon after John, he chose the t Avelve to be with him, and to act as his Ambassadors to the people. " Go into all the tvorlcl and preach the go si-) el to every creature^ In obedience to the command of their Lord, thej went among the nations of the great Roman empire.The great parade of preparation was sufficiently ludicrous, when, as miglit have been expected, there was no thief there. Noav, ladies, do you all understand your places, and are you ready to perform your parts 7 Mistress Barnum, A\'hcre is your place ? About the same time he chose seventy, and sent them before his face into the villages and cities of Israel. Some of them penetrated barbarous countries beyond the imperial line. He graduated at Yale College, twelve years earlier than his brother Adoniram, that is, in 1763.

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With hearts full of good af- fections, Ambassadors will spread all over the vrorld.

In great cities the voice of Ambassadors will echo from church to church.

reparing a list of genealogies of the early names of this town (Woodbury) of which the Judson name is one, and will make (juite a book of itscff." EPHEAIM JTJDSON. The minister moved with compassion, stopped his horse, and gave him a small sum, which, afterwards a selfish, parsimo- nious spirit told him might possibly have been too much. Said he : " Boys, you have put the stick io, now go to work, and take it out " — a punishment, severe indeed, but sufficiently mild. 5: 20,) "Now then we are Am- bassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us : We pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God." Rev.

37 the eldest son, was born May 8, 1712, and was baptized the same month. This Rebecca was daughter of Ephraim and Re- becca Minor, and grand-daughter of Capt. The well was deep, and the timlcr heavy, but after sweating over it several hours, with Mr. He once heard, or thought he heard a thief in his cellar. John Porter of Bridgcwater gave the Pastor elect, the Charge ; Rev.

Several women of the place, skilled hi sucli matters, Avere called in, and the precise master of ceremonies proceeds forth Avith to assign them their several parts. All the terrors of Antichrist ; his cruel edicts and anathe- mas that were thundered from his imperious throne, like storms of fire and brimstone ; the fires that he kindled in the nations to burn christians ; the numerous tortures in- flicted for many hundred years, gibbets, prisons, and the sword did not extinguish the order.

"Mistress Barnum, you Avill please station yourself at the child's head. In the darkest days of the anti-christian power, Christ had a number of Am- bassadors, who administered to the Church, that resided in the obscure vallies of Piedmont.

The second Efisha left five children, viz: Reuben, David, Sybil, Ruth and Abigail.

Notwithstanding liis marked peculiarities, and undesir- able oddities, Mr. Judson, I have received a copy of the epitaph, Tvhich he is careful to inform me, " expresses faithfully and truly his own views of Mr. What he was in truth, the Great Day will disclose." Mr. They had one child, born at Norwich, Conn., in 1777, and bearing the name of his father. 43 the first " delivered in Durham at the Ordination of Rev. gelists ; and some Pastors and Teachers^ Paul left Ti- tus in Crete, " to ordain Elders in every City P Each one of the seven churches in Asia had an Angel. He appointed Enoch and Noah before the flood, to act as his Ambassadors to the Antedi- luvians.* He prolonged the life of Noah three hundred and fifty years after the flood, to act as his Ambassador to his children.

Another instance of amusing precision relates to an attempt once made to administer medicine to his only child, Ephraim. After he arose from the * Christ existed from Eternity. The nations persecuted them with tortures and death. And finally put an end to this se- vere conflict, gave peace to his distressed people, for a season, and multiplied Ambassadors ; so that whole coun- tries Avere supplied with them.

He Avas sick, and, as is not uncommon with children at such a time, considerably averse to nauseous doses. For the space of three hundred years, they stain- ed their countries with christian blood. And when the season of peace was interrupted by the anti-christian power, that gradually arose, he continued to send forth Ambassadors.

Judson had many redeeming qualities, which made him not only as a Preacher but as a citizen and a neighbor, a very desirable and useful man. Baylies says of him:* "His temper was kind and hospi- table, and his deportment courteous. When ho liad thoroughly drilled the circle as to their several places and parts, tlic medical prescription is faithfully administered, Avith no loss of life or limb, but somc Avhat to the amusement of lookci's on, Avho Avonder, and witli reason, that the Taunton Divine had not learned a lesson from " faitliful Al)raham," and so " commanded his children, and his house- hold after him," as to render this formidable array of matrons unneces- sary. 41 he continued in the ministry, until his death, February 23, 1813, at the age of seventy-five. Judson, both as a man and as a christian," as gathered from the recollection and judg- ment of others, (for he never saw him,) " but his epitaph is considered a fair one." " Sacred to the memory of the Rev'd Ephraim Judson, A. He graduated at AVil- liams College, in 1797, and practiced law in Sandisficld, Mass., where he died in 1807. David Smith," from the text (Jonah 3: 2,) "Preach unto it the preaching that I bid thee ;" the second " dehvered in Waterbury, Ct., at the Ordination of Rev. 10: 14, 15,) "How then shall they call on him, in whom they have not believed ? As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them, that preach the Gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! YCE, EY BENNETT WHEELER, AT HIS OFFICE ON TUB WEST SIDE THE RIVER. Soon after the death of Noah, he appointed Abram and Lot, Isaac and Jacob, Job and others, to act as his Ambassadors to the families of the earth.

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